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Can I moisten Canagan pet food?

We recommend that you feed it dry with plenty of fresh water available in a bowl close by. However you can add a little water which can help enhance the flavours for the fussiest of eaters or to help those with dental problems.

How do I change my dog or cat onto Canagan complete pet food?

We suggest you introduce Canagan gradually over a week, reducing the amount of the old food and slowly increasing the amount of Canagan.
On day one mix 25% Canagan with 75% of the previous food. On day three make it 50% of each. Day five is 75%, working up to 100% Canagan on day seven.

How many times a day should I feed my adult dog?

Our recommendation is to feed your dog twice a day where possible.

Can I feed table scraps to my dog?

We don’t recommend it as these can lead to obesity and can upset your pet’s stomach. A dog’s digestive system is very different to ours and foods that we can easily digest could be potentially dangerous to a dog. Chocolate, for example, can be dangerous as it contains theobromine which is poisonous and can be fatal when consumed by dogs. Dogs have problems with the following foods: onions, garlic, grapes, raisins, dough, corn on the cob, cooked chicken bones, mushrooms, chocolate and beetroot.

Do you have any general feeding tips?

Keep water bowls clean. Store food in dry and cool conditions, sealing the bag up to keep fresh. Feed your pet at the same time every day. Keep fresh drinking water available at all times.

How much should I feed my cat/dog?

You can see the feeding guide for each product on the respective product pages or on the bag if you have one. You can also use our feeding guide to see how much your pet should be fed.

How can we get our elderly dog/cat to eat?

If you have an elderly pet who is becoming a little fussier, we find there are a few ways to boost their appetite. You can add a little hot water (not boiling) over the top of the kibble to soften it down and release the aromas. Alternatively, ten seconds in the microwave can soften down the food to make it a little easier to eat.

Why are there such big gaps in the feeding guide?

It is very difficult to give an accurate feeding amount as each dog or cats metabolism and activity level can vary hugely. Therefore, we have to give a range to take this into account. Generally, we suggest starting off towards the bottom end of our feeding range and adjusting by 10% up or down until your pet is maintaining a constant healthy weight.

Can you combine wet and dry food?

Yes. You can chose to feed dry only, wet only or a mixture of both, the choice is yours! Just make sure to adjust the feeding amounts accordingly if you decide to mix dry and wet.


Is Canagan suitable for puppies?

With the exception of Canagan Senior/Light which is specifically aimed at older dogs, all other varieties of Canagan can be fed to puppies as the nutrient levels are more than sufficient for their every need. The protein and fat levels in Canagan are much higher than those found in most carbohydrate packed adult dry dog foods, or even puppy foods!
The calcium and phosphorus levels and ratios of inclusion are also well suited to the development of puppies.

Is Canagan suitable for kittens?

With the exception of Canagan Light / Senior / Sterilised which is specifically aimed at older or overweight cats, all other varieties of Canagan can be fed to kittens as the nutrient levels are more than sufficient for their every need.

The protein and fat levels in Canagan are much higher than those found in most carbohydrate packed adult dry cat foods, or even kitten foods!

The calcium and phosphorus levels and ratios of inclusion are also well suited to the development of kittens.

Canagan can be fed to kittens from weaning onwards, we recommend mashing down the kibble with some water when the kittens are very small!

Are any of Canagan products suitable for older dogs / cats?

We have a Light / Senior / Sterilised product for older, sterilised or overweight cats. We have a Light / Senior product for older or overweight dogs.

Both of these products contain:

Glucosamine Sulphate which assists the creation of new cartilage.

Chondroitin Sulphate which reduces enzymes which damage cartilage in joints.

MSM which helps reduce joint inflammation and is known for its pain reducing properties.

Why is your food all life stages?

Our foods contain a very high meat content and therefore most of the Canagan range has sufficient levels of nutrition to maintain a puppy or kittens growth. If we think of the dog or cats ancestral diet, puppies / kittens and adults would have fed on the same food in different quantities, with Canagan these principles remain the same! Every bag has both a junior and adult feeding guide on it and you can use our feeding calculator to work out how much to feed your pet. With all of our All Lifestages recipes, they can be fed from weaning onwards.


When will I receive my Canagan food after placing my order?

We offer a next working day service for orders placed before 2pm Monday to Thursday. Orders placed between Thursday 2pm to Sunday 3pm will delivered on Monday. Orders are delivered Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm. Orders placed before bank holidays prior to 2pm will be delivered the next working day. Orders placed after 2pm will be delivered on the second working day after the bank holiday.

How much is the delivery charge on my order?

For most areas of the UK delivery is FREE for all orders delivered next working day. We also offer Saturday delivery at £3.99.
If you live in the Isle of Wight, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Shetland Islands, Guernsey, Jersey or any of the following postcodes: AB31-38, AB40-56, IV1-28, IV30-32, IV36, IV40, IV52-54, IV63, KW1-14, PA21-38, PH4-41, PH49-50, IV41-49, HS, IV51, IV55-56, KA27-28, KW15-17, PA20, PA41-49, PA60-78, P42-44 the delivery charge is £14.99 for all orders. We apologise for this increase in cost but this reflects the increase in cost to us by our courier partner.

What happens if I’m not at home when the delivery is made?

If no one is at home to take the delivery, our couriers will follow the delivery instructions as requested by the customer. If no delivery instructions are given, the goods will not be left and a calling card will be left for the customer to contact the couriers direct to re-arrange.

Can I track my delivery?

Yes. Once your order has been dispatched, you will receive an e-mail with details on how to track and trace your order.

Where does your delivery service cover?

We deliver to all of UK mainland.
Orders to Scottish highlands and islands may incur an additional delivery surcharge.
For all other areas please contact us on 01494 775222 prior to placing your order.

Where can I buy Canagan dog food?

Canagan is available in specialist retailers; use our stockists locator to find your nearest stockists.
Alternatively you can buy online and we can deliver direct to your home or workplace.

Where is my nearest stockist?

Please use our stockist locator to find your nearest Canagan stockist. Simply enter your postcode and a list of your nearest stores will be shown.

Do you offer samples?

We do not offer samples as we do not think that they are an accurate way of trialling a food after such a small quantity. All of our 375g Cat bags and 2kg dog bags are sold with money back guarantees (when purchased in store). The high meat content in our foods makes them incredibly palatable so even the fussiest pets should enjoy the great taste of Canagan.

I live in China and the Canagan recipes seem different?

The Canagan dry food recipes we export to China are slightly different to the UK produced recipes. These recipes are produced in Belgium as our UK facility is not certified to export to China. Due to Chinese regulations we are unable to include certain ingredients which is why the composition list is slightly different. The packaging may also appear different to the images used on this website as the Chinese bag design is our original award-winning look, which differ to those shown on this site. Dogs and cats still love these recipes and they have have all been trialled on our own pets in the UK, just as we do with all our wholesome formulas.


I’d like to know more about biologically appropriate food...

Over the years pet foods in general have deviated further and further from what dogs and cats need to not only survive but flourish, with cheap and inconsistent protein and carbohydrate sources in the wrong proportions.

To redress the balance and create the optimal diet for our companions we went back to nature and studied what dogs and cats really need. The result is Canagan, which closely mimics your pet’s ancestral diet with the correct ratio of protein and fat to carbohydrate, and a much higher meat content than most.

Why is Canagan grain free?

Dogs and cats are carnivores and they lack salivary amylase. This is a special enzyme found in the saliva of herbivores and omnivores and is used to break down starchy carbohydrates before they reach the stomach. Because their saliva is virtually free from amylase, carbohydrates are much harder to digest. By being grain free and by significantly reducing the carbohydrate content, Canagan dog and cat food has a much higher level of digestibility which means lower feeding amounts and a smaller stool volume.

Is Canagan dog and cat food hypoallergenic?

Yes - Hypoallergenic means that a food is less likely to cause an allergic reaction. The ingredients in Canagan have been chosen with this in mind and we have avoided those known to most commonly cause an allergic reaction, such as wheat and dairy.

Does Canagan dog and cat food contain any unhealthy artificial additives?

No. We believe there is no necessity in adding artificial additives to our foods when there are natural, healthier alternatives:


Canagan products are preserved naturally with mixed tocopherols (Vitamin E).


The high levels of palatability in Canagan means that we don’t need artificial flavourings – Canagan is a taste sensation for even the fussiest of dogs and cats.


Pets don’t care for fancy colours which would be added to a food only to make the product more interesting to the owner - there would be absolutely no benefit to your pet.

What are botanicals and why do Canagan products contain them?

Botanicals – a plant or plant part valued for its medicinal or therapeutic properties. Canagan has been formulated to closely match the natural diet and botanicals are found in the natural diet for dogs.

What are meat and animal derivatives and does Canagan contain any?

Meat and animal derivatives are commonly used in many pet foods and consist of animal by-products. These are commonly used as they are cheaper than single source meats. We believe that the meat used in pet foods should be named; that’s why you won’t find “meat and animal derivatives” on our labelling!

Does Canagan contain genetically modified ingredients?

No. Our products do not contain any genetically modified ingredients (GMO’s).

Does the meat used in Canagan product contain growth hormones?

None of our recipes contain growth hormones.

Why are there sometimes variances in the Canagan kibble?

Canagan is made with all natural ingredients in small batches. Therefore there are small variances in colour, shape and size although the kibble will still provide the same levels of taste and nutrition.

What are mixed tocopherols?

Tocopherols are a blend of vitamin E and are used to give Canagan products a longer shelf life without the concerns of using artificial preservatives.

Why do you use sweet potato in Canagan?

Sweet potato is an excellent source of vitamins A&C and is rich in antioxidants. Sweet potatoes are a great source of soluble fibre and have a low glycemic index which produce a slow steady release of energy. Low GI diets have benefits for weight control because they help control appetite and delay hunger.

What is the glycemic index?

The glycemic index is the measurement of glucose level increase from carbohydrate consumption. High glycemic index foods are digested quickly which result in high fluctuations in blood sugar levels. Low glycemic index foods are slowly digested and absorbed which results in a gradual increase in blood sugar levels and insulin levels, benefitting health.

Are your chickens free range?

All of the Freshly Prepared Chicken in our dry foods is 100% Free Range. We regularly audit our suppliers to ensure that they conform to the highest of standards.

Why are your cat cans from Thailand?

Thailand is one of the worlds largest producers of canned fish products and produces canned cat foods of the very highest quality. We use dolphin friendly tuna and our senior management team have personally inspected the production facility to ensure it meets our very high standards.


What is Canagan’s animal testing policy?

We do not participate in any form of invasive animal testing. Our recipes are trialled on the pets owned by our family members, friends and selected breeders. All these pets lead their normal everyday happy lives!
We will never fund or participate in any invasive animal testing or research.

Are all Canagan’s ingredients sourced in Great Britain?

We try to source as many of our ingredients as we possibly can from Great Britain, although some ingredients are simply not available in the UK in large enough quantities.


Are Canagan foods good for my pet’s teeth?

You will find no added sugar in any of our products. Sugar is only added to enhance flavours but can be damaging to your pet’s teeth and has no distinct health benefits.

Is Canagan beneficial to dogs that are prone to diarrhoea, sensitive stomachs or digestive problems?

The Canagan recipes include a blend of soluble and insoluble fibre found within potato, sweet potato, alfalfa, carrot and Psyllium to help ensure digestive tract health. A careful blend of soluble and insoluble fibre in your dog’s diet helps to maintain normal intestinal transit time, motility and stool quality.

Can feeding Canagan help with my dog’s itching and scratching?

Yes. The Canagan range has been formulated to avoid the ingredients that are commonly known to cause food allergies. Our range always contains the ingredients which are considered a lower allergy risk. It is free of all grains, soya, dairy, growth hormones and artificial additives. Canagan contains a well-balanced ratio of omega 3 and 6 which helps to promote healthy skin and a shiny coat. Omega 6 (linoleic acid) is an essential fatty acid required for healthy skin and coat.


How do I set up repeat delivery?

Simply browse our site, selecting your pet's favourite products. Then pick out your preferred size, quantity and delivery frequency required. Use the checkout as normal and your first order will be dispatched the same day, with your future orders dispatched to the frequency you have set.

Is our repeat service secure?

Of course, we work alongside TrustPayments, one of the world's top payment providers who keep all your data secure for all your online orders.

Is my card used to charge future transactions?

Your card details are stored with TrustPayments not ourselves, but you will only be charged the day your repeat order is due to process.

Can I change my card details for my repeat order?

Yes, just log into your account and select Manage Repeat Orders. Here you will be able to change your card to a new one.

Why has my repeat order not been processed?

There are a number of reasons for not being processed. The main two reasons would be that your payment has failed or an item is out of stock. You will be informed if your payment has failed and asked to re-enter your payments details, or switch to a new card. If an item is out of stock, we will endeavour to let you know so that you can select a different flavour or food.

Can I cancel my repeat order?

You're welcome to cancel your repeat order anytime by logging into your account, you can also delay your order if you find you do not need your items on the frequency set. Alternatively, please give us a call on 01494 775 222 and we can help you with this.

Can I change the items each order?

Yes, as long as you have a repeat order active, add the products you want into your basket with the quantity and frequency set and they will automatically be added to your repeat. You can also remove any items from your repeat by logging into your account.

Can I change the frequency or delivery day?

Yes, you can do this by logging into your account and selecting the frequency in weeks for each product, you will also be able to select the next date you would like the order to process. On this page you can also select the day you would like your order to process, on this day you will be billed and your order dispatched. DPD will endeavour to deliver your item the next working day or weekend if selected. Charges may apply to weekend delivery.

Have more questions? Speak to one of the team.